Flower Pot Cupcakes

Flower Pot Cupcakes at The Dessert Chronicles

I clearly have a thing for fun cupcakes. While I love decorating cakes, it can be very time consuming and sometimes it is just more fun to play around with a pint-sized treat. The warmer weather lately (finally) has had me brainstorming all kinds of baking projects, but when I thought of this one at the beginning of the week, I had to get started on it immediately.

Flower Pot Cupcakes at The Dessert Chronicles

It is probably hard to tell, but there is a cupcake inside each of the flower pots. The cupcake is covered in chocolate frosting and Oreo crumbs to resemble dirt. I guess I succeeded because my mom thought the pots were filled with actual dirt and was pretty excited when I told her she could eat it. I used yellow cake, but after the fact, I realized how cute it would have been to use my dirt ‘n’ worms cupcakes. There’s always next time!


I thought a lot about what to use for the flowers and finally decided that decorated sugar cookies on sticks would be best. Before baking the cookies, I placed a lollipop stick onto each one. I pressed the stick into the cookie so that the top of the stick hit the middle of the cookie. Press down enough so that it stays, but doesn’t go through to the other side of the cookie. I also placed a little piece of dough over the part of the stick that was on the cookie. If you press this piece down and use it to secure the stick, they stay in place pretty well.


I decorated the cookies with royal icing and sanding sugar. If you are unfamiliar with using royal icing, check out this post. Once the cookies dried, I placed the sticks into the cupcakes and that was it. This would be a fun project for kids if you let them just decorate the cookies with buttercream and candy and help them put the cupcake together. I also think it would be cool to use real flowers and just stick the stems into the cupcakes. Happy Spring and Happy Mother’s Day!

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